We have perimeter safety devices (anti-hacker) with an Open DNS Server allowing content screening through a Firewall and preventing users from visiting websites that are not allowed. This system also prevents strangers from entering the network, automatic backup tools with a Linksys data server, and permanent high-end anti-virus updating programs guaranteeing a safe and confidential handling of electronic information in our company.

 The building where DEFI is located has controlled access through ACD cards, a DVR internal development system which is an image storage system that is recording 24/7, e-mail and phone call monitoring, and a safe room with restricted access codes where confidential information is stored.

 DEFI’S safety vault is protected with fire fighting hexafluoropropane grenades that if needed, will not damage the documents stored within.

 DEFI offers its clients parking so they can unload their documentation in our facilities and it is the Authorized Third Party that is closer to the COFEPRIS offices located in a centric zone with easy access to public transportation.

 We have several document integration rooms that allow us to cater to several clients at the same time.

 All the employees at DEFI sign a confidentiality agreement and professional liability insurance.

 DEFI has continuous training and updating programs in regulatory subjects for our staff.

 We are the only Authorized Third Party offering our clients the DEFI Training Center, located in our offices with a capacity for up to 50 people where we offer workshops, conferences and round tables to present and resolve difficult cases on regulatory issues, standardizing criteria between employees of the Pharmaceutical Industry and COFEPRIS.